We have built an NFT market on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) as the first step toward a future where creators can play an active role more freely.

In addition to the NFT marketplace function, we will add the DEX function and Vaults function to improve usability and promote development to make the decentralized economy even closer.

Aim of the project

  • A world where creators can enjoy more time and money

  • A world that users who support creators can enjoy

  • Discovering more effective ways to use digital content

To achieve these, the Ghost project will continue to develop.

Ghost Function

Ghost Squad

Ghost Squad is an NFT collection produced by Ghost. This collection has special for the Ghost project.

GhostSquad is an NFT collection sold prior to the release of the Ghost project and will be distributed as soon as it is released.

GhostSquad owners can receive a portion of the Ghost project's profits as a reward through GhostPot.

This reward includes "NFT Marketplace Fees", "DEX Fees", "Vaults Fees" and "Other Ghost Project Sales".

Ghost Informations

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