Fee Manager

Fee managers are great for distributing commissions and sales.


Using the Fee manager makes it easier to carry out group activities and produce.

Users grouped under the Fee manager will always be able to recover the automatically distributed profits.

It automatically calculates the rate of return for each user based on the level of all users registered in the fee manager.

Once you've set it up, all you have to do is earn money. Participants can collect rewards at any time. The operation is very easy.

※The fee manager fee is set to 0.5%.

  • Ghost Pot:0.25%

  • Treasury:0.25%

Create Fee Manager

Click "Create Fee Manager" from My Page.

Enter the fee manager name and click Confirm. A confirmation screen will appear in the wallet, so perform the confirmation process. (* Gas fee is required.)

It will be added to the fee manager list on My Page.

Update User Level

From the list of fee managers on My Page, click "Edit" for the relevant fee manager.

Click "Update User Level" in the window that appears to proceed.

Set the user address and level and proceed to "Update".

Click Confirm and confirm with the wallet to complete.

Deposit BNB

If you want to manually deposit to Fee Manager, you can deposit BNB.

Click "Deposit" to proceed.

Enter the amount and click "Deposit".

Click Confirm and confirm with the wallet to complete.

Check Levels

Click "Check Level".

You can check the level of registered users.

Harvest Rewards

If the administrator wants to collect all users for a special reason, please perform "All Harvest" in "Edit".

Press the confirm button and perform the confirmation process in the wallet to complete.

Delete Fee Manager

Click "Delete" from "Edit" Fee Manager to proceed.

Press Confirm to proceed, and confirm the wallet to complete the deletion.

The deleted fee manager cannot be operated. Please be careful.

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