Launchpad is perfect for supporting the launch of NFT projects

A platform to support the launch of NFT projects. We mainly support the series of processes such as NFT issuance, sales, marketing, and communication.

1.Creating a collection

The method for creating a collection is described above.

2.Collection mint

Click "Mint collection" to mint the collection.

3.Start Launchpad

Click "Start Launchpad" from Collection.

4.Fill in each item

Fill in each item. ・Collection: Select the applicable collection. ・IPFS directory: *The URL here will change depending on the content. ・Start Block: Start block. It's OK as is. ・End Block: End block. It's OK as is. ・Launchpad allocation: Allocation for launchpad. ・whitelist: Select if you have created a whitelist ・Mint price (ETH): Price to mint.

Once you have completed filling out each item, click "Create". This will start Launchpad.

5.Upload folder to Pinata

The above page will be displayed, so click "Start building".

Please enter your email and password.

From "Add Files" in the upper right, click "Folder".

Select File and upload.

If the uploaded file is displayed, you are done.

The uploaded file will be used in "IPFS directory" in "4. Input each item". When entering it, please add "ipfs://" in front of it.

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