How to use


Select the token (exchange source / exchange destination) you want to exchange on the site.

Then enter the quantity you want to exchange. At this time, if the notation "Enable ~" appears, click it.

Click "Confirm".

When Enable is complete, click Swap, press "Confirm Swap" and then press Confirm Wallet.

This completes the trade.

Add Liquidity

Go to the Liquidity menu on the Exchange page.

Go to add Liquidity

Select the currency pair for which you want to provide liquidity, enter the quantity and then proceed from "Supply".

Remove Liquidity

Go to the Liquidity page and select LP.

You can disassemble the LP by pressing the "Remove" button.

You can add LP by pressing "Add Liquidity instead" here.

Select the rate and press Enable. A signature confirmation screen will appear, so click "Confirm" to proceed.

Click "Remove".

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